About The Show

This is a show about the people involved in motorsport, and their stories. We will be talking not only to racing drivers, but also team managers, engineers, mechanics, technicians, championship organizers, suppliers, media personnel and so on.
We want to focus on the stories of all the people that are involved but go largely unnoticed and remain unknown to most fans and viewers.
But don’t worry, every now and then we will have some big names on the show as well!

Is a Portuguese motorsport lover, enjoys interviewing others with gasoline in their veins like him. Has worked as a radio journalist for more than 25 years and lives in Évora, Portugal.

Has been working in motorsport as a freelance engineer for over 10 years. He is currently based in The Netherlands.

Is a musician, visual media producer and a filmmaker based in Wellington, New Zealand. To check out some of his work go to www.bernierao.com.

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